Evolution of
the baby

1. Radio Nurse

Commissioned by Zenith Radio Corporation in 1937. Unfortunately, Radio Nurse did not work because its radio frequency overlapped with car radios and garage door openers.

2. Walkie Talkie

A walkie-talkie style monitor that communicated audio. Functional and basic. But the improvements came in the audio quality, making it battery powered and portable. It grew popular as a gift during showers.

3.Video Monitor

The 90s brought the fear of SIDS and baby monitor sales surged. Video offered an added feature of reliability and reassurance of reliability and reassurance but depended on the monitor having a high quality camera.

4. Smart Monitor

The last two decades are when the revolution has taken place. Artificial intelligence-powered smart monitors go beyond offering images or sound. The advent of the smartphone has also solved the need for a separate receiver as smart monitors can be accessed via a smartphone app.

Why we chose
radar technology
for raybaby?

raybaby’s innovation in baby monitors has been its patent-pending technology that combines a radar sensor with AI-powered platform to create an incredibly intelligent and accurate baby monitor.

We were driven by the need to offer a non-contact vitals tracker, and our quest led us to radar technology. We chose radar because of its proven success as a highly accurate vitals tracker. We were keen to have a monitor that not only tracked sleep but also respiration – one of the four vital signs in wellness tracking. This brings an accuracy of 98% to our monitor, tracking breathing even when the baby is swaddled, and even in the dark, noting minute variations.


Do you use a microwave oven, a WiFi router, a cell phone or a digital alarm clock?
If you answered Yes to any of them, it means you are already familiar with radio waves, that are emitted by these devices.

Radiation can be separated into two categories. In layman’s terms, ionizing is one that can “break” molecules, altering their very DNA. Non-ionizing radiation, on the other hand, just passes through objects or is converted to heat when it hits them.

raybaby, WiFi networks, cellphones, all fall under the class of devices that emit non-ionizing radiation. It converts into heat when it comes in contact with an object but this amount of heat is so tiny that it’s not even measurable.

Safer than keeping baby
under light

Visible light > infra red > micro waves
> radio waves

Takes 99 years to heat
a small patch of skin

Non-ionizing radiation converts
into heat but it’s so miniscule
that it will take 99 years of
constant use to heat a patch of skin

Equals keeping a cellphone
within 1300 ft of the baby

If you have a cellphone lying around the house, or in your baby’s room, it’s already emitting the same kind of radiation that raybaby does.

raybaby emits only 1/1000th the radiation that a WiFi router does

The advantages
of AI

The highly sophisticated AI-engine that receives data from the device, the sensor, the microphone and the video. It analyzes and interprets this data to inform you more than just the baby’s sleep/breathing status. It’s able to predict their sleep patterns and tell you how much and how well your baby slept for you.

What this means for you is a monitor that supports your parenting journey by offering insights and recommendations. What’s more, the engine is constantly learning from the data it receives about your baby. In other words, it grows with your baby, growing more attuned to their patterns and communicating it to you.

Safety &

raybaby is FCC-certified, which is a requirement for electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States. This certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission. Additionally, the components used in the manufacture of raybaby are also FCC certified.

We also use highly encrypted and secure servers to offer the required degree of security to our users. The video is an optional feature, that can be disabled from the app, without interfering with the workings of the device. We also use highly encrypted and secure servers to offer the required degree of security to our users. The video is an optional feature, that can be disabled from the app, without interfering with the workings of the device.

We have worked with the UL, one of the global leaders in safeguarding security, compliance and global interoperability. With their guidance, we have been conducting intensive analytical, physical and performance testing, consumer studies, in-depth inspections, audits and supply chain management.



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