We love twins! If you are having twins, you will have to buy two raybaby devices. However, both can be handled through one single app.
No, raybaby will not prevent SIDS or crib death. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. raybaby tracks respiration rate and sleep patterns and alerts you if there is any change in the normal patterns.
raybaby is neither a diagnostic tool nor a medical device. It is also not a replacement for adult supervision. It tracks a vital that helps in diagnosis. If your baby has respiratory issues, we urge you to consult your doctor.
raybaby is designed for infants and toddlers between the age group of 0-3 years. We have been working tirelessly on this specific age group. A product for older children is in the roadmap.
The red raybaby is available for immediate shipping while blue and yellow colors will take 20-25 days to ship.
Within the US, we do offer free shipping. For orders outside the US, shipping will be charged at actuals.
Customs duty may be charged outside of the US. This will be borne by the customer.
As soon as you place the order, you'll receive an order confirmation email. Once the order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number.
Please visit our Warranty page to see our returns policy. In the case of a product arriving damaged, please inform us within 7 days. We offer a 30-day window to inform us of defects in the product.
If you receive a damaged product, please inform our Customer Support team within 7 days. We may ask you to share photos of the damage before we proceed further.
Returns will be honored if the product is found to be faulty and cannot be repaired. Once a return has been accepted, you will have to send the unit back to us. Please ensure that the product is returned in its original packaging, in good physical condition, and with all the components, as received. Any refund will be initiated after receipt of the unit. Refunds will take 5-7 business days, and to the same account from which the original payment was made. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.
raybaby comes in three solid colors - red, yellow and blue.
raybaby will track how much your baby has slept - if it’s the same location at every nap/ sleep - and offer you insights on total hours slept, and also how much of this was during the day, and how much at night.
You can choose to store your baby’s videos on an SD card or a third party cloud storage. You also receive an intelligent collage creations of photos and videos that can be stored on third party service like Dropbox.
We use radar to track the respiration rate to an accuracy of 98%. The emissions are comparable to those of a digital alarm clock or a toaster. The radiation is about 1/1000th that of WiFi, something you already have in your homes. It works on principles similar to ultrasound, which is something you use even before your baby is born. You can read more about it here.
Yes. When you set up raybaby, the device is calibrated for your baby and will always be able to tell you and your baby apart.
Yes, raybaby is light and portable. When you change the WiFi connection for the device, please make sure you go through the set up once again.
No, raybaby does not have an in-built bluetooth supported specification.
raybaby is an IoT device and needs an internet source, not limited to your home WiFi connection. You can use your smartphone’s hotspot to connect to raybaby too, but this would require your hotspot to be on continuously for raybaby to work.
Yes, raybaby will alert you if there’s a loss in WiFi, by beeping thrice in intervals until the WiFi is back. Once restored, raybaby will automatically connect to a saved WiFi network.
As raybaby does not use batteries, a plug point or extension is required to plug raybaby.
Yes, raybaby is fitted with infrared technology, that is activated during low or no light conditions.
Yes, raybaby can detect your baby’s breathing even when they are swaddled.
raybaby can alert the caregivers of lowered or faster respiration rate, and may recommend that you contact your doctor in extreme conditions. raybaby will not diagnose the condition of the child based on their breathing pattern.
No, the video feed is an optional feature and is not linked to the sleep & respiration tracking. The radar works independently of the video camera and will track your baby when in use.
No, this is not included for security reasons. Should you desire your baby’s data, please drop us a mail at The data for the requested period will be mailed in .CSV or .xl format.
raybaby supports EXT4 and FAT32 type SD card. If you’re using any other format, you will receive an error message saying the format type is not supported.
We would recommend purchasing a high capacity microSD card built with the supported formats. If you’d like to use an existing SD card, please format it using to FAT32 or EXT4 type to make it usable on raybaby. But before you reformat your SD card, don’t forget to backup any preloaded data on it.
No, these are the safest encrypted servers around and that’s why we have chosen them for accessing the app.
Setup & Connection
First time user
First, check if the socket carries power. You can do this by plugging your phone, or a lamp in to see if they come on.
Second, please ensure that you are using a raybaby-approved adapter with your raybaby, to avoid damage to the device. Should you lose the adapter, do get in touch with us.
If the above two conditions are checked and your device does not come on, please contact Customer Support.
Repeat user
Check the light:
Slow flickering red: Your device is trying to reconnect to the internet. Please wait; this step can take between 30 seconds - 2 minutes.
Fast flickering red: You may need to reset the device.
Stable red: If you do not see the Home screen, please close the app and reopen it.
Stable green: Please scan the QR code.
Flickering green - slow: Wait for the green light to stop flickering - this should take 30-45 seconds - and stabilize. Now, scan the QR code.
Flickering green - fast: Unplug and plug the adapter back in.
Please choose the RESET option on the screen. You’ll be taken through the reset instructions:
Use the reset pin provided to press and hold the RESET button. The green light will flicker slowly before it turns a stable green. This will take about 35 seconds. When the light is a stable green, click NEXT until you reach the Scan QR CODE screen.
The error message repeats: “The green LED seems to be unstable. You will have to RESET the device.”
Please unplug and replug raybaby. Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection; and that your mobile hotspot is NOT ON. Close the app and reopen it. You’re ready to login using your Facebook or Google credentials. [NOTE: If you’ve already signed up before, reopening the app will take you directly to the setup page.]
Click OK. You will now see a message requesting you to RETRY the connection to Raybaby_xxxxxx.
I have clicked RETRY. I see a LOADING screen now.
Please wait for around 30 seconds for raybaby to connect.
raybaby is connected.
Please proceed with entering your WiFi credentials. Do check that you are using the 2.4GHz network. Also ensure that your internet connection is stable. The connection to your Home WiFi should take around a minute.
Click OK for a message requesting you to RETRY the connection to Raybaby_xxxxxx.
Please email a screenshot of the message, along with an image of the QR code to
When you click OK, if you see a screen that says “Device Connection is lost.” all you have to do is wait 20-30 seconds for raybaby connect again. The message will appear once more. Please chose RETRY - this is not a loop.
Please check and re-enter your WiFi credentials. If you have entered the wrong credentials, raybaby will still try to connect. If the red light flickers from fast to slow to fast again, please reset the device.
ERROR CASE 1: “Raybaby is not able to connect to your Home Wifi.” and the LED is blinking slow RED.
You will see a RETRY button, please click on it and move closer to your router if possible. raybaby will try to connect to your Home WiFi again. This is not a loop; we have enabled raybaby to attempt the connection to your internet twice.
ERROR CASE 1.1: I am seeing the message “Raybaby is unable to connect to the WiFi” a second time. Why?
Solution: raybaby has been designed to make two attempts to connect to the WiFi, that’s why you’re seeing it twice. Please wait for a successful connection. You’ll know raybaby has connected when your device has a stable red light, and your app screen shows your baby’s breathing data and sleep status.

ERROR CASE 2: “Raybaby is not able to connect to your Home Wifi.” and the LED is blinking a fast red.
Please RESET the device, using the reset pin provided.

ERROR CASE 3: “Raybaby is not able to connect to your Home Wifi.” and the LED is a stable red.
A stable RED on raybaby indicates that the device is connected to the internet. If you’re seeing this message, you only need to close and reopen the raybaby app on your phone. When you reopen it, the app should take you directly to the Home Page where you will be able to see your baby’s live breathing and sleeping information.

[NOTE: If the light is stable red, but the app shows “raybaby is connecting” screen for 1 min or longer, please contact customer care for the IP address of raybaby when it’s connected to your Home WiFi.]
If the red light is blinking fast, please choose Reconfigure. If it is blinking slow, please choose Try again.
If the red light is blinking slowly, it indicates that raybaby is trying to reconnect to the WiFI. If it doesn’t connect within 2 minutes, move close to the router and try. raybaby allows for two connection attempts, after which you’ll be prompted to Reconfigure.
Click on the Dashboard Panel (three dashes on the top left corner on the homepage) —–> Settings —–> Device Settings —–> Reconfigure Device
You’ll be taken to the reset page. Proceed by resetting the device.
Use the reset pin provided to press the blue button at the back of the device. Hold for 7-10 seconds until the light changes from red to green. Now release and wait for the light to turn a stable green before you proceed.
This can happen if the WiFi network is slow or lost. Unplug and plug raybaby to automatically reconnect to internet.
In case of stable internet connection, the light will go from orange to slow blinking red to stable red.
If the light goes from orange to slow blinking red to fast blinking red, it indicates that raybaby is unable to connect to your internet connection. Please check your network
connection, make sure it is a 2.4 GHz network, move closer to the router and try again.
Go to Settings -> Reconfigure and follow the reset instructions.
Solution: This happens if the WiFi network is slow or lost. raybaby will try to connect to your Home network automatically. If your internet connection is stable, the light will change from orange to slow blinking red to stable red. At this point, please close and re-open the app. You will be taken to the home screen, where you will see baby’s breathing rate and sleep status.
Have you got a screen that says Connection Successful?
If Yes, you are connected and should be able to see the breathing and sleep data shortly. This may take some time to load as it depends on your internet connection.
If Not, there could be a problem with the network. Please check your network connection, move closer to the router and try again.
raybaby’s radar sensors create what we call a raybaby zone around the device. This zone exists around the device - both in front of- and behind it. If you are in this zone during set up, and find breathing data being recorded, it’s your breathing that’s being tracked.

Positioning raybaby too close to your baby will make it harder for it to record video. Positioning it too far from your baby will render breathing data difficult to record. The distance and height we have recommended is to ensure that raybaby is at the optimum distance to record sleep, breathing, and video.

You can choose wall mounting or table top to place raybaby although we recommend wall mounting.

If you choose tabletop placement,
Place raybaby on a table/ desk near to the crib.
The ideal height is 1.6 - 1.9 ft above the baby, and at a distance of 1 - 4 ft, with raybaby’s head at 45. You’ll know you’ve got it right if you can see the baby’s head and chest on the app. Keep adjusting the horizontal position of raybaby until you get a clear view of your baby on the app.

If you choose wall mounting,
Make sure that the crib is against the wall. Choose a point on the wall, at 1.9 - 3.2 ft from the baby, to screw the device in. Make sure the screws are secure before you fixing raybaby on it. Check if you are receiving a clear view of your baby on the app. If not, adjust the head of raybaby until you see your baby’s head and chest.
When you expand the menu on the left, you will see a list of options:
For Android: Home -> Journal -> Settings ->
For IOS: Home -> Settings
Within Settings, you will find a link to Baby Profile. Scroll below for Caregiver. Add Caregiver.
Under Menu, choose Caregivers. Click on the X button against the name of the caregiver to delete them from your list.
Click on the Dashboard Panel (three dashes on the top left corner on the homepage) —–> Settings —–> Device Settings —–> Download Device Update. The update should begin automatically. If it doesn’t, click on ‘Check for firmware update.’ The new firmware will download and install automatically. There’s a step-by-step video of how to do a firmware update here.
Once installed, the device will restart. The light blinks red and will search for the primary internet connection A stable red light confirms a successful update. If the light fails to turn a stable red (or) blinks green (or) turns orange (or) does not come on, it indicates that the device has failed to restart correctly. If this happens, simply unplug and re-plug the power cord.
If you reset the device, we’d recommend that you reconfigure raybaby via the app by going to Settings > Device settings > Reconfigure raybaby. This will take you to the Scan screen, from where you scan the QR code and repeat set up.
[Note: Both, your phone and raybaby should be connected to the same WiFi while updating firmware.]
Case 1: Please make sure you have separated your WiFi as 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It would help to have a different username and password for each, to distinguish the bandwidth. This is because raybaby is likely to attempt connection to the 5GHz network otherwise.

Case 2: My WiFi is 2.4 GHz network and does not show up on the list.
Solution: Please contact your internet service provider (ISP). The solution is to change the channel number to less than 11. This can be done via your WiFi admin page login on the router website. Your ISP should be able to guide you through this. Alternately, please contact
Please check for a stable and strong internet signal, and restart your router:
1) Keep raybaby ON.
2) Turn OFF the WiFi router.
3) Wait for 30 seconds.
4) Turn ON the WiFi router.
5) If raybaby is in blinking red mode then wait for the light to turn stable red. [Note: This will take a couple of minutes. If the light does not turn stable red, restart raybaby.]
6) If the light is green, proceed to connect. Please check that you have typed the correct username and password to your Home WiFi.
Sometimes when there are multiple smart devices connected to the same Wifi channel, the internet speed can slow down. Restarting the router will help address this.
If you are an Android user, you can add another raybaby to the app.
We don’t support the feature on iOS currently but expect to roll it out soon.
You can add your second email or add another user as a Caregiver by going to Settings ----> Baby Profile ----> Scroll below for Caregiver option ---> Add another Caregiver.