We had tried different models of baby monitors for our first baby and we were never satisfied. So when a friend suggested raybaby this time, I thought I’d give it a try. And I have to say that raybaby has been an extremely pleasant surprise. It has a lot of cool features which makes it distinct and easy to use. The breathing monitor tracks chest moments and respiration rates without being intrusive. The AM/PM clock is an innovative feature which will tell you how much the little one has slept during the day and night. It has an optional feature of switching on the video which generates a collage of the baby’s day. Overall, I have been very happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend it to new moms!


I got this baby monitor last month for the newest addition to our family. Being a techie, I was most fascinated by the monitor’s non-contact breathing monitor using radar technology. The baby monitors we have used in the past never had this featured I was curious to know how it worked. I was pleasantly surprised by the compact design and the fact that it could be placed up to 5 feet away from the baby and still get proper updates of the baby. Though this monitor does have a video feature, that is not mandatory at all to track the baby’s breathing patterns. It also generates a collage everyday with adorable moments of the baby from the previous day.

-Martin DP

We received our raybaby baby monitor yesterday and it was a breeze to set it up. It can be placed on a table top or wall-mounted. It has a features like personalized sleeping alerts, detecting and notifying sudden breathing pattern changes and also an option to listen and speak to the baby. The app has an extremely user-friendly interface with all the information available at a single glance. You have an option to see how much your baby has slept in the last 24 hours. It also has a ‘Memories’ section that shows the highlights of your baby’s day. Overall, this monitor makes my wife and me feel more connected to our little one, even when she isn’t in the same room. It is definitely a great buy for new moms and dads!

-Anish J

I must say Raybaby has saved my sons life, My Baby Ryder (Zhanayah) was diagnosed withholding Cerebral Palsy and has breathing issues, Raybaby is able to tell my wife via the app when Baby Z is breathing slow this is amazing and we want to say thank you guys every parent with Celebral Palsy need this technology well done guys.

-- Hugh & Tiffany -Turner-Banks

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